Avoid Doing These 5 Things, and Your Teeth will Thank You!

March 7, 2020

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ice eating may require visit to dentist in Friendship HeightsIf you’re like most people, you take your oral health serious, and you’d like to maintain it. Thus, the last thing you want to do is participate in activities that could be detrimental. Unfortunately, you may not always be aware that what you’re doing could be harmful. That’s why your dentist in Friendship Heights has listed 5 bad habits that should definitely be avoided. Once you’re better informed, the next step is to execute. Continue reading to get started!

#1 – Using Tobacco Products

Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco products are no good for your oral health. When used, they release harmful toxins that can lead to accelerated plaque buildup. As a result, you can become more susceptible to developing gum disease and even oral cancer. An added incentive to discontinue the usage of tobacco products is the fact that they can cause deep teeth stains and bad breath.

#2 – Aggressive Toothbrushing

In your quest to get your teeth as clean as possible, it may seem logical to apply more force when brushing. This can become problematic, as aggressive cleaning can lead to premature enamel wear. The reality is that you can get much better results by gently brushing, using a toothbrush with soft bristles and being consistent in your efforts.

#3 – Misuse of Your Teeth

It can sometimes be tempting to use your teeth for more than what they were designed to do. While it may seem harmless to open a package or trim your fingernails with your teeth, such activities could lead to a sudden dental emergency. That’s because the enamel, as hard as it is, should only be used to chew food.

#4 – Overindulging in Sugar

If you have a “sweet tooth,” then you may find yourself giving in to a sugary snack or two. While it’s okay to treat yourself on occasion, it’s vital that you monitor how much sugar you consume. Oral bacteria love it when you eat more sweets, as they flock to feed on any leftover debris. Over time, this can lead to cavities and gum disease.

#5 – Attempting to Chew Hard Items

Your teeth are perfectly designed to chew food, help to maintain your jaw structure and aid in pronunciation. Attempting to bite into hard items can place your teeth in jeopardy and lead to painful breaks or chips. So as the warmer months are approaching, avoid chewing on ice, so you can prevent having to make an emergency dental visit.

The best form of treatment for your teeth and gums is always prevention. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also help you avoid any unnecessary suffering.

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Dr. Yelena Obholz earned her dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. She then went on to complete a residency at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, which provided her with experience in multiple treatment areas. Not one to settle, Dr. Obholz has remained an avid learner, taking numerous hours of continuing education courses throughout the years. She provides the utmost in dental care at Aesthetic & Family Dentistry, and she can be reached for more information through her website.


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