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Aesthetic and Family Dentistry of Washington Blog

4 Things to Consider Before Year-End Dental Insurance Changes

October 22, 2017

glasses resting on dental insurance coverage paperworkAs 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to make checklists of all the things we need to do before welcoming in 2018. Celebrations with friends and family, year-end work obligations, and more. Even though we’re all busy at this time of the year, adding a trip to the dentist may be in your best interest. At the end of the year, dental insurance coverage that goes unused will likely be lost as the plan rolls over into a new benefit year. Keep reading to find out how to avoid losing the investment you’ve already made in your oral health.

Children Are Less Likely to Fear the Dentist if Parents Set the Example

September 17, 2017

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family brushing teethDo your children squirm and protest when it’s time to visit your dentist in Washington, DC, for their cleanings and checkups? Kids generally don’t like to sit still anyway, and they might hate the idea of having a stranger poke around in their mouth — especially if they might get lectured about proper oral hygiene habits. One of the best things you can do to help alleviate your children’s fear of the dentist is to take care of your own oral health. Here’s how you can make dental care a more positive experience for the entire family.


4 Reasons Dental Implants Improve Quality of Life

August 26, 2017

senior woman pointing to replacement toothMissing even a single tooth can dramatically impact your oral and overall health, speech and chewing abilities, and self-confidence. Unfortunately, traditional tooth replacement options aren’t always much of an improvement since they only restore the parts of teeth visible above the gum line. Dental implant supported tooth replacement is the only restoration option that replaces both the roots and crowns of lost teeth. Keep reading to find out why more and more dentists each year are recommending prosthetics supported by dental implants to improve quality of life for patients with one or more missing teeth.

A Quick & Easy Cosmetic Fix from a Dentist in Washington DC

July 10, 2017

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 Your dentist in Washington DC uses tooth-colored composite resin to fix flaws in your smile. A chipped tooth can be an unattractive distraction from the beauty of your smile—especially if it sits right in the front of your mouth. Thankfully, Aesthetic & Family Dentistry has a dentist in Washington DC that offers the services you need to improve those small imperfections in your smile. For instance, if you’d like to cover flaws that have impacted the appearance of your teeth or even length your smile, consider getting cosmetic bonding from Dr. Yelena Obholz.


A Bright Summer Smile From Your Dentist In Friendship Heights

June 21, 2017

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Wondering how you can get ready for Summer? Teeth whitening from your dentist in Friendship Heights is the quickest way to achieve the results you’re looking for. Summer is here! And while you’ve been preparing your body for the warm weather with lots of exercise, eating nutritious foods, and learning to reduce your stress, there’s one aspect of your appearance you should focus on the most: your smile. With weddings, vacations filled with lots of photos, and graduations, it’s important that your grin accurately reflect your bright and brilliant personality. That’s why you should try teeth whitening from your dentist in Friendship Heights, Dr. Yelena Obholz at Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington. Learn more about the affordable options that can give you the radiant grin you deserve.


Be Checked For Oral Cancer by Your Dentist in Washington, DC

April 28, 2017

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Your dentist in Washington, DC performs oral cancer screeningThe practice of dentistry involves more than fillings, crowns, and braces. While these services are important, dental care also is about how your oral health affects your overall well-being. During April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month, your dentist in Washington, DC, Dr. Yelena Obholz, asks you not to miss your oral cancer screening at Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington. It’s quick, painless and part of regular dental examinations for patients of all ages.



What to Ask Your Dentist in Washington, DC about Invisalign

April 12, 2017

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Invisalign aligners in Washington, DC are fully removable.Are you discouraged by your crooked smile but don’t want the embarrassment or discomforts of traditional braces? For teens and adults, that reluctance can disappear with clear acrylic aligners from Invisalign dentist, Dr. Yelena Obholz, in Washington, DC. Removable and comfortable, Invisalign aligners transform smiles in a way that’s easy to live with. Become informed on Invisalign and get all your questions answered.



What Dentist In Washington, DC Can Treat Your Entire Family? We Can!

March 30, 2017

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Looking for the premier dentist in Washington, DC who can care for your whole family? Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington is your choice.      You love your family – your kids, your spouse, even your in-laws. They always keep you on your toes and give you a lot to laugh and smile about. But a big family means being busy, and that leaves you searching for more hours in the day. You wish you could make dental care for your family easier, and with Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington, you can! Since we offer comprehensive care for your entire family, you can save time and take care of your whole crew in our office. Find out why we’re the premier family dentist in Washington, DC in this post.


Your Dentist in Washington, DC Connects Oral & Overall Health

March 13, 2017

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What’s the link between your oral and overall health? Find out how your smile affects your entire picture of wellness with info from your dentist in Washington, DC. You remember that song from elementary school, don’t you? The one that goes, “Your leg bone is connected to your thigh bone…your thigh bone is connected to your hip bones.” Well, this children’s tune may be truer than you’d expect. In this post, your premier dentist in Washington, DC explains how the health of your teeth and gums are connected to your overall picture of wellness. Find out how a healthy smile means a healthy body – and vice versa – from the team at Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington.



When Should You Call the Emergency Dentist in Washington, DC?

February 6, 2017

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When should I call my emergency dentist in Washington, DC? You take a cool drink of water, accidentally bite into a piece of ice, and immediately feel a shooting pain radiate throughout your entire jaw. You give it a moment to stop, but you can practically hear your tooth throbbing. You’re disoriented by the pain, and you don’t know what to do. Should you call 911? Do they even take care of this sort of thing? What is the fastest way for you to get relief? Firstly, don’t go to the emergency room; this is the exact kind of situation where you should call your emergency dentist in Washington, DC, Dr. Yelena Obholz. It’s the only way for you to get the treatment you need quickly. (more…)

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