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I Need Dental Implants in Washington, DC – What is the Cost?

September 10, 2018

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older man smiling sitting in dentist chairIt’s been tough living without your teeth, and you desire to replace them. Dental implants in Washington, DC are the best option, but you want to know how much they will cost. Is it possible to get a quick quote over the phone or should you visit your local dentist for a consultation? Find out as you continue reading.


Stained Smile? Teeth Whitening in Washington, DC Offers a Solution!

August 21, 2018

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close-up of white teethEveryone wants a bright smile, but there are obstacles that stand in the way of that stunning set of pearly whites. For example, everyday eating and drinking can discolor teeth. Plus, most people’s teeth aren’t naturally white to begin with! How can you conquer these issues and achieve the brilliant grin that will turn heads wherever you go? Professional teeth whitening in Washington, DC may be the ideal solution for you.


The Benefits of Pinhole Surgery Over Traditional Gum Grafts

August 5, 2018

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satisfied dental patientWhether due to genetics, age, or gum disease, many people experience gum recession. This is a serious problem because the gums are there to protect and support the sensitive roots of your teeth; without adequate gum tissue, you may suffer from frequent toothaches and an unattractive smile. In the past, a surgical graft was often necessary to address these problems. Fortunately, however, there is another, less invasive treatment that may be able to boost your oral health and improve your mouth’s aesthetics: pinhole surgery in Washington, DC.


Want Less Dental Work? Get Checkups With a Dentist in Friendship Heights!

July 21, 2018

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Woman getting a dental examDid you know that an estimated 32% of U.S. adults skipped their routine dental checkups in 2016? While there are many reasons that people avoid these visits, some of the most common are dental phobia, trying to save money, and not having the time. Unfortunately, the consequences of missing checkups are spending more time and money in the dental chair and treating bigger problems down the road! While it may seem paradoxical, the truth is that regularly seeing a dentist in Friendship Heights is the best way to actually stay out of the dental chair in the long-term. Learn more about the importance of routine care below!


Top 4 Habits You Should Never Skip From a Dentist in Washington DC!

July 7, 2018

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Man flossing his teethPretty much everyone can agree that anything that helps them stay out of the dental chair is a good thing. For patient and dentist alike, the goal is always fewer fillings, crowns, root canals and extractions. But what’s the best way to achieve that goal? The answer is simple: good habits. It’s your consistent actions (either good or bad) that will determine the quality of your oral health. So if you want to minimize the amount of dental work you need from a dentist in Washington DC, keep reading to learn about the 4 most important habits you should have!


Cosmetic Dentist in Washington D.C. Reveals Your Options for a Smile Makeover

June 18, 2018

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woman smiling in dental chairAlthough your teeth are important for chewing and speaking, they also serve another important purpose. They play a valuable role in your confidence. If you do not like their appearance, you may find yourself holding back in social settings or covering your mouth when smiling because you are insecure about how they look. Did you know that you can get the smile that you have always wanted with your cosmetic dentist in Washington D.C.? Using customized procedures, they will transform the appearance of your teeth and your self-esteem with a smile makeover.

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Washington D.C.

June 8, 2018

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woman happy at dentistAre you tired of hiding behind unattractive teeth? Do you find yourself covering your mouth when you smile or when having your picture taken? You are not alone. In fact, it is estimated as much as one-third of adults do not like how their teeth look. No matter if you live with discoloration, chips, alignment issues, or other concerns, you can get the smile of your dreams with a cosmetic dentist in Washington D.C. With many excellent options in the area, it is best to take the time to choose the right one to meet your needs and your expectations.

What You Need to Know about Pinhole Surgery in Washington D.C.

May 25, 2018

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examination of gum tissueYour teeth need healthy gum tissue to stay healthy for a lifetime — and they require plenty of it. If you have had gum disease or severe gum recession, your dentist may recommend a non-surgical procedure called the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. What is it? What are the benefits? And is pinhole surgery right for you? Keep reading for the answers to these and other questions about gum regeneration.


5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign in Washington, DC Over Braces

April 8, 2018

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man smiling with perfect teethFor quite some time, you’ve desired to have perfectly functioning teeth that also allow you to smile with confidence. The most common method that you’ve heard about for achieving those goals is the application of traditional braces. However, you’re not very fond of the idea of having to wear metal brackets and wires in your mouth as an adult. “Is there a better way?” You wonder. Your local expert in dental care says that Invisalign in Washington, DC offers several advantages to the traditional method. Learn what they are as you continue reading.


Visit Your Dentist in Washington DC to Catch Oral Cancer Early!

April 2, 2018

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An older woman smiling.It’s important to visit the dentist every six months to keep your oral health in top condition. Your dentist in Washington D.C. uses professional-grade materials and deep cleaning techniques you can’t perform at home. However, did you know that during your examination she’s also checking for early signs of oral cancer?

Nearly 50,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed annually in America alone. It’s just another reason why regular visits are so essential to both your oral and overall health.


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