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Specialty Dental Services – Washington, D.C.

Advanced Dentistry Treatments for Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

Dental team member and child smiling in dental officeIt can be frustrating to have to take your loved ones to several different dentists so that they can all receive the care their smile needs to thrive. Instead, why not make our Washington, DC dental office the oral healthcare home for your whole family? Dr. Yelena Obholz is happy to offer a variety of advanced, specialty dental services in Washington, DC that can dramatically improve your smile’s vitality and cosmetic value, as well as provide you with a much more convenient, comfortable dental care experience. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease affects nearly 75% of adults who are over 35 years of age, and it’s responsible for a significant amount of tooth loss. Its presence begins with bacteria forming into a sticky film on tooth surfaces, causing gum inflammation and breaking down natural fibers that hold the gums to the teeth. Thankfully, our Washington, DC dental office offers a systematic periodontal review as part of our regular check-ups; during this time, we’ll check gum pocket depths and track their health with the goal of preventing tooth loss. If you’ve noticed gum recession, loose or separating teeth, persistent bad breath, or changes in your bite, please reach out to Dr. Obholz and our team so that we can battle periodontal disease together.


Do you suffer from crooked teeth as an adult? Invisalign clear aligners offer patients a removable, inconspicuous alternative to traditional braces so that they can achieve the uniform smile of their dreams. We’ll provide you with a customized set of plastic aligners – all you have to do is wear each one for the predetermined amount of time as you slowly move your teeth into their ideal position, as well as identify a brief check-up every six weeks at our dental office. Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment don’t have to worry about food restrictions or alternate oral hygiene techniques because the aligners are removable. The technology is also more comfortable and faster, completing in a matter of months instead of years. Not every smile is right for Invisalign, though, so please contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies usually happen suddenly, and often at the most inconvenient times. If you or a loved one is currently experiencing severe pain or injury, please don’t hesitate to contact our Washington, DC dental office right away. Dr. Obholz sees emergency cases as quickly as possible (usually on the same day as your initial call) and in the meantime, our team can provide guidance on how to best manage your situation until you’re able to reach us.

Children’s Dentistry

We love being able to treat every member of your family, and we recommend that children come for an initial evaluation (followed by regular cleanings) around the age of three. It’s a compliment when you and all your loved ones choose Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington as your comprehensive oral healthcare home!


In the 1980s, a pediatric dentist began using dental bite impressions as a way of safeguarding his own child. He then developed Toothprints™ as a safe and simple method of identification. Today, we’re happy to offer that same service to parents. The process is simple – your child will bite into the softened, thermoplastic Toothprints wafer, which will then record the size and shape of their teeth and create a reliable record of their unique characteristics. It also captures saliva, should it be needed for DNA analysis. We do recommend yearly updates, as well. The following schedule is ideal:

  • Initial impressions at age three or after all primary teeth have erupted.
  • Update at the age of seven or eight or after the upper and lower incisors and the first permanent molars have erupted.
  • Update at the age of twelve or thirteen or after all permanent teeth (excluding 3rd molars) have erupted.

We also offer sleep apnea treatment and traditional orthodontics! Contact Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington today if you have any questions for our staff, or if you’d like to go ahead and schedule an appointment for you or a loved one. Our dental office is located in Washington, DC, and we love welcoming new patients from the nearby areas of Georgetown, Tenley Circle, American University, or Embassy Row.