“Two other specialists had told Gaudreau that it would be impossible to keep his teeth and that he’d need implants. But Obholz disagreed.”


White Fillings in Washington DC

Tooth-Colored Composite Resin

We prefer to provide patients with the newest and best restorative materials available, which are bonded ceramic composite resins. Not only do they look natural, they provide excellent service and protection for your teeth. They seal the teeth, insulate well against hot and cold, and if they wear down can be repaired more easily than other materials.

Composite fillings actually strengthen your teeth because of the way they bond to tooth enamel leaving no space for decay. Many people who make cosmetic improvements, such as veneers, on their front teeth elect to replace dark silver fillings in their back teeth with bonded ceramic resins.

Amalgam Fillings

For years debate in the dental profession has focused on the pros and cons of silver amalgam fillings, which contain about 50% mercury. While mercury is known to be harmful, the harmfulness of amalgam fillings is still under debate. We have chosen to not use silver amalgam/mercury fillings, as the technology involved with them is over 100 years old. Moreover, silver amalgam fillings don’t seal teeth well which can result in cracks, decay forming under fillings and in other problems.

Your family deserves healthy smiles designed for a lifetime. Call Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington today to talk to Dr. Obholz about tooth-colored fillings. Our Washington, DC dental office is convenient for patients who live or work in the American University, Georgetown, Tenley Circle, or Embassy Row area.

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