Dentist Offering Porcelain Crowns in Washington DC

Dental Crown

A crown is a durable, strong way to restore an extensively damaged front or back tooth for the long term. Crowns are made in different ways, such as from precious metal, porcelain pressed to metal and all-porcelain. Crown selection is based on individual needs as well as costs. With all the materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer, crowns can be totally natural looking.

Additional benefits of crowns are that they can correct bite problems, close spaces between teeth, change the angulations of teeth, and replace missing teeth as part of a bridge or dental implant.


Onlays are used for large restorations. They restore areas that extend over one or more sides of the tooth. Because of their size they are usually made of porcelain.


A conservative restoration, inlays restore the area inside a tooth, which means they require less drilling and preparation. Inlays are made of porcelain or composite resin making them invisible inside your mouth.

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